Mezcalera Don Porfirio SA de CV

San Antonio de la Cal, Mexico

We are a family of mezcal Producers. AUTHENTIC ARTISAN-MADE MEZCAL, produced in Oaxaca, Mexico from 100 % agave, naturally fermented.

**We are FDA Approved

Our labels are hand-made with natural fibers such as Agave and Pochote gris (Regional tree).

Please find enclosed a cover letter and the data sheet of our three (3) Mezcales, for your consideration.

Listed among the top mezcales in Mexico, in addition to its broad recommendation.

Our Mezcales are free of chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to human consumption.

Mezcal is a spirited drink that has grown gigantic steps taking over Tequila as favorite drink in both domestic and international markets.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Best regards.

Contact information
Paraje el Chepiche S/N
San Francisco Lachigolo
San Antonio de la Cal, Oaxaca
Tel: 951-2651336
Tel: 951-2651336